Host Color - New Corporate Site and New Services!

Host Color ( has revealed its new corporative web site. The company, established at the end of 2001, has completely revised web site design for the first time. The new corporate site design is a part of the concept for Host Color development, directed towards the company affirmation among the leaders in the hosting market for personal and small business web sites.

According to the Houston, Texas based hosting company the new web site is more functional, with improved navigation and a possibility for quicker and easier access to the hosting services. Together with its new online launching, Host Color offers some new services as well. One of them is the E-mail Plan, aimed at a consumer share, new for the company – people who do not need their own web site, but prefer to use POP3 e-mail with a private domain, all this managed via a web interface.

In addition to the E-mail plan for personal and business users, Host Color is distributing on the market an online marketing package intended for web sites with a limited marketing budget. The SEO & Marketing plan of the company consists of three parts: Web site optimization package, Promotion pack and Advertising package. As said by Host Color marketing director, Dimitar Avramov, the new SEO & Marketing plan enables the clients with limited budget to simultaneously improve the popularity and attendance of their web sites and also become aware of the development principles guaranteeing their success in Internet.

"Our services are used by people with various interests, in different areas: starting from personal web pages, education sites, non-government organizations, through real property companies and business services, web galleries. We also host web design, webmaster and similar sites, used by professionals, who highly appreciate and value the reliability, the good uptime and the good quality support" says one of Host Color managers and new project creator, Alexander Drangajov. Our services are suggested to people possessing different interests and different requirements and this opens new alternatives, but at the same time obliges us to continually improve our abilities.

"I personally am fed up with reading advertisements by providers, who claim to be the best in the branch. This is evidently untrue and to declare that you offer the best connections, the best support and the best prices means that you are cheating your clients. Our business philosophy is different. We direct our attempts toward the improvement of our equipment, software applications and users’ attendance. We would be greatly satisfied if our clients realize that they acquire the services of a company, which is relentlessly developing."

In the last months we have decreased by half the cost of the additional transfer, we have included new domain extensions in our hosting plans, we have increased the discount for hosting accounts renewal by extra 5 % and have attached a marketing package to our services. As a result our clients not only just pay less money for a better service, but also have a wider spectrum of services and applications at their disposal.

"After we had done all this, we decided to design a web site, which visualizes the company philosophy, i.e. that we are able to continuously improve our professional activities and to offer still higher quality services for better web sites. For us, it is rewarding to attract and keep a given user. We do our best to aid our clients in the improvement of their web sites and in making the latter more popular. In this way we are making our contribution to Internet market progress."

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