Host Color Doubles Resources of VPS Hosting Plans

August 26, 2009
August 26, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Host Color, a global provider of quality VPS hosting announced the launch of a new promotional campaign on Parallels Virtuozzo Containers powered Virtual Private Servers. As a part of the promotion the provider doubles the memory, disc space and data transfer quota of its VPS Advance virtual server customers. Now site owners get 1024 MB RAM, 50 GB disc space and 500 GB monthly bandwidth for only $49.95/month. To take advantage of the opportunity the company's new customers should use coupon code VPSUPGRADE0809. The company also provides Plesk panel licenses to VPS Advance customers for an only $5/month.

The VPS Hosting ( ) provider Host Color reported to web hosting media that it has opened a new promotional campaign on Virtuozzo Containers powered virtual servers. The company enables the owners of well-established dot-com businesses to double their VPS resources when sign up for VPS Advance ( ), a virtual private server that features 512 MB RAM, 25 GB disc space and 250 GB data transfer quota per month.

As a part of the promotional campaign, from August 21st until September30, 2009, Host Color doubles the resources of VPS Advance ( ) for all new customers. This means that anyone who signs up for the VPS Advance will be upgraded at no cost to the next virtual server VPS Power ( and will get 1024 MB RAM, 50 GB disc space and 500 GB bandwidth while paying only $49.95/month. The promotional campaign is valid for 12 consecutive months. After that the owner of the VPS Advance would downgrade its VPS or to keep using VPS Power by paying $65.95/month.

Host Color has added that various discounts and rebates apply to VPS owners who has more than 1 year history as customers of the company. According to Host Color's Managing Director Alexander Avramov, those customers pay between 15% and 25% lower prices on the service and products they use with the web hosting provider.

“We will keep supporting our clients by offering them quality services and by lowering their web hosting bills. I would say that we were doing in order to ease the financial pressure on our customers in tough economic times, and to lower their costs for web hosting, and it would be true. However anyone who takes 15 minutes of their time in browsing the web to learn more about Host Color's business history will see that we have never increased the prices of web hosting services within the last 8 years. When we changed our business model in 2008 we gave our loyal customers discounts, and they renewed their plans without facing higher web hosting costs", added Mr. Avramov.

The current customers of VPS Advance virtual private server can alsoupgrade their virtual server to VPS Power if they need to use more resources.

About Host Color
Host Color LLC is a U.S. web hosting provider incorporated in Delaware. It powers thousands of business and personal websites in data centers in South Bend, Indiana, U.S. and Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The company also provides fully Managed dedicated hosting through HC Servers and
European hosting services through HC Europe ( ) It offers discounts to academics and non-governmental organizations. The Host Color's corporate message is "Web hosting about people, not about gigabytes."

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