Host Color Offers Cut-price .ASIA with Web Hosting Plans

September 16, 2008
September 16, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web host Host Color ( is offering cut-price .ASIA domains with its web hosting plans, it was reported recently. According to the company, which bills itself as “a global quality web hosting provider”, Asian customers will “be the main driving force of the WWW economy” and to “show its appreciation”, the company is allowing customers to register .ASIA domains at cut-price rates. Those wishing to acquire a .ASIA domain must be eligible according to registry rules.

"Asia is a great continent that now has a great domain name - .ASIA. If you analyze the development of web hosting market on any level, you'll see that most of the new websites belong to site owners from Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and other Asian countries,” explained Host Color LLC’s Managing Director, Alexander Avramov. “People in Asian continent are obviously very exited about doing web business. Thanks to them domain name and web hosting industry will continue to grow within the next few years."

Host Color LLC ( is a quality U.S. web hosting company incorporated in Delaware. It has data centers in South Bend, Indiana, U.S. and Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It recently launched another domain promotion, offering .ME domain registration at discount rates. Host Color suggests its customers register a .ASIA domain name with Blogan (Blog Web Hosting), Content (CMS Hosting), "MODx Hosting", "WordPress Blog", "B2Evolution Hosting", "TextPattern CMS Hosting", "Photo Blog", and "Custom Blog Hosting" hosting plans.

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