Host Color Released Managed VPS Hosting Coupon

June 16, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Host Color has reported to web hosting media that it is now offering a 50% instant rebate on its Managed VPS Hosting ( The company enables its VPS customers to turn their Virtual Private Servers into "FM VPS" (Fully Managed VPS hosting service) by paying a flat monthly fee of $24.95. The regular price of FM VPS service is $49.95. Host Color's customers can take advantage of the instant rebate by using code - S2009FMVPS.

The Fully Managed VPS hosting service includes the following operations: Initial VPS Set-up, IP management, OS installation and maintenance, Antivirus and Antispam installation, Reboots, VPS recovery, Control Panel updates, and Resource monitoring. By outsourcing them to Host Color the company's VPS customers can focus on business and to make sure that their virtual servers are well managed and regularly updated.

Host Color powers its VPS by Virtuozzo Power Panel, an elegant and easy to use virtual server management tool part of the world's leading OS virtualization solution - Parallels Virtuozzo Containers. The hosting company offers video tutorials which provide newbie VPS owners with a step-by-step guides on how to use Virtuozzo Power Panel (VZPP), Plesk Panel 9, NextColor web hosting control panel, and other accounts management tools. VPS customers of Host Color have a link to tutorials section in their pZone, the personal client center that Host Color's customers use to organize and manage their web hosting accounts.

Host Color offers one of the lowest prices of quality VPS hosting services and products based on Parallels OS virtualization solutions. Its VPS Start ( ) virtual private server features 256 MB RAM, 10 GB disc space and 100 GB data transfer per month for the low monthly fee for only $19.95. The most powerful pre-configured virtual server of Host Color - VPS Custom ( comes with 1792 MB RAM, 100 GB disc space and 1000 GB data transfer per month, and costs $119.95/month. The "VPS Custom" users save $14.95 per month on Plesk VPS license and get the popular web hosting control panel for free.

The web host has recently announced nice offerings on its VPS Hosting plans. Company's prospective customers now get 1 free service month with any virtual private server. This will be the 6th service month. The provider has also increased the resources of its virtual private servers including RAM, disc space, and data transfer quotas. All coupons and rebates are published in section - Web Hosting Rebates ( ).

Host Color is well-known with its approach to hosting business named Quality Web Hosting. Its executives say that Host Color "customizes not just VPS and Dedicated Hosting, but even Shared Hosting services to allow anyone to work in personalized business environment".

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