Host Color Updates Web Hosting Plans to Unlimited Traffic

May 23, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Host Color reported to web hosting media that it made a change that it has been deferring since 2007 - to introduce "unlimited data transfer" for its Quality Shared Hosting services. The step has been made to help the web hosting provider to respond to the overselling trend in the shared hosting market.

"We are staying away from overselling for almost 2 years, and no one would see us to offer unrealistic data transfer quotas as a part of our website hosting services. But at the same time we see many other budget hosting providers who shamelessly oversell. I must admit that we can not stand against with this trend", said Host Color's Managing Director Alexander Avramov. He added that his company made a "reasonable move" and allowed "Unlimited Bandwidth" for its premier web hosting service plans - Multi Site, Web Mall - E-Commerce Hosting, Social Web Hosting, and Content - CMS Hosting.

The web host said it also "reasonably increased" the disc space quotas of the above mentioned web hosting plans, after updating its hardware configurations.

In April, Host Color said it has launched a series of Web Hosting Coupons and instant rebates which in order to give its new customers a good opportunity to cut their annual costs for IT hosting and data storage with 10% to 15%. One of the instant rebates, for example, provides 1 Free service months to customers who need VPS Hosting. The web host powers its Virtual Private Servers with Parallels OS virtualization solution - Virtuozzo Containers.

The hosting provider is well-known with its approach to hosting business named Quality Web Hosting. Its executives say that Host Color "customizes not just VPS and Dedicated Hosting, but even Shared Hosting services to allow anyone to work in personalized business environment".

Host Color LLC is a U.S. web hosting provider incorporated in Delaware. It powers thousands of business and personal websites in data centers in South Bend, Indiana, U.S. and Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The company also provides fully Managed dedicated hosting through HC Servers and European hosting services through HC Europe. It offers discounts to academics and non-governmental organizations. The Host Color's corporate message is "Web hosting about people, not about gigabytes."

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