HostColor Launches Cloud-Ready 10Gbps Dedicated Servers

October 6, 2022
HostColor Launches Cloud-Ready 10Gbps Dedicated Servers (HC) announced an upgrade of its Asia Dedicated Hosting portfolio with 10-gigabit-connected Dedicated Servers and Cloud IaaS delivered from Singapore data centers.

The HC's Singapore located 10 Gbps Dedicated Servers are cloud-ready. They can be used for delivering public cloud services and Dedicated Private Cloud infrastructure (also knows as DCIaaS). HostColor's DCIaaS is a customizable, completely isolated, and secure IT infrastructure solution created with Proxmox VE, Linux Containers (LCX), Kubernetes container orchestration, or VMware ESXi virtualization technologies. All DCIaaS plans feature WireGuard VPN technology and a 1 Gbps, 5 Gbps, or full 10-gigabit internet connection.

The HC's Singapore's 10 Gbps-connected servers feature fast internet connection and short round trip delay to India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates and other Asian countries, except for China. HC offers a special, on-demand networking service to those clients who deliver services to China.

All dedicated servers feature custom CPU, RAM, HDD, SSD, and NMVe data storage, and custom IPv4 and bandwidth settings.

HostColor has recently expanded its North American Cloud IaaS network with a 20 Gbps connection to the Detroit Internet Exchange. It lowers the latency to the upper Midwest, Northeastern United States, and Eastern Canada. HC delivers Canadian Dedicated Server Hosting services from Toronto and Montreal-based data centers. In July we have added New York Dedicated Server plans to our dedicated hosting offerings. HC's NY-based hosting services are delivered from the data centers - Teleport, Staten Island, and DataBank, New Jersey. The 10-gigabit-based server plans start with a 2 Gbps bandwidth allowance and can be scaled up to a full 10 GbE internet connection.

HostColor now offers Dedicated Hosting and DCIaaS from data centers located in 17 U.S., Canadian, and UK major metropolitan markets - Ashburn, Virginia; Atlanta, Georgia; Bend, Oregon; Charlotte, North Carolina; Chicago, Illinois; Dallas, Texas; Denver, Colorado; Kansas City, Missouri; Los Angeles and Santa Clara, California; Miami, Florida; Newark, New Jersey; New York, NY; Seattle, Washington; Toronto, Ontario; Vancouver, British Columbia, and London, UK.

All Singapore-hosted dedicated servers are delivered with CentOS 7, Ubuntu 18, 20, or 22, Debian 10 or 11, Rocky Linux 8, or CloudLinux 7 operating systems. Serve configurations with other Linux distributions or Windows OS.

HostColor's clients can also use Proxmox 7 or VMware ESXi 6.7 virtualization technologies and create their own, Dedicated Private Clouds. The dedicated cloud setups have fixed monthly costs that do not rise depending on resource usage. HC does not charge clients for IOPS, DNS zones, DNS queries, or for each 1 GB data transfer. Unlike the services offered by the so-called "Major Clouds", HostColor's dedicated public or private cloud IaaS services come with free infrastructure support.

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