Hosting and Data Center Services Provider Web Werks Offers India's First True Utility Cloud Hosting Service

Hosting and Data Center Services Provider Web Werks Offers India's First True Utility Cloud Hosting Service
Hosting and data center services provider Web Werks India Pvt. Ltd. (Web Werks) has announced it is offering India's first true ‘on-demand’ utility cloud hosting service. Web Werks, which has headquarters in Mumbai, India, recently won the ‘Data Center Service Provider of the Year Award’ at this year’s BFSI Cloud and Security Summit. Established in 1996, it is an ICANN-registered domain provider and its hosting and data center services extend to cloud and VPS hosting alongside dedicated servers and colocation. Web Werks has Tier III and Tier IV data centers in India and the United States and offers “carrier neutral” data center services. With around 5,000 customers it is recognized as a leading provider on the sub-continent. According to Web Werks its latest service is “opening up the road to cloud 4.0.”

‘Web Werks Cloud 4.0’ allows users to “enhance proficiency, reduce costs, and recognize new sources of income” through advanced tracking systems and real-time prescient analytics. It facilitates “in depth insights into the performance of resources, machines, laborers, and vehicles” to enable organizations to improve inventory chains, logistics, and manufacturing operations. Cloud 4.0 reduces new product and service time to market and allows organizations to “monitor capital-escalated assets to lessen downtime and serving expenses”. It also provides insights in relation to all aspects of product or service lifecycles and manages resource data.

"Web Werks Cloud 4.0 imprints a milestone in a cloud management. This will give a unified management experience across an extensive assortment of cloud platforms,” explained Web Werks’ Assistant VP, Suhaib Logde. “Our plan is to use IoT Cloud and its machine learning abilities to naturally analyze data gathered from the robot and process-monitoring frameworks. These analytics helps to recognize approaches to diminish cycle duration, enhance the manufacturing procedure, improve product quality, and cut downtime."

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