Hosting Provider and Data Center Company Web Werks Announces ISP Tie-ups

Hosting Provider and Data Center Company Web Werks Announces ISP Tie-ups
Hosting provider and data center company Web Werks has announced a series of tie-ups with regional ISPs in India. With headquarters in Mumbai, India, Web Werks is a registered ICANN domain registrar and carrier neutral data center provider operating 5 Tier III and Tier IV data centers. Established in 1996, the company has a presence in the United States and caters to about 5,000 customers globally with services that include collocation, cloud services, VPS hosting and dedicated servers. By establishing connections with ISPs the company will to enhance network latency.

Network latency is a key constraint to websites functioning properly and being successful. Delays in web page loading times have an adverse impact on user experience meaning sites often lose visitors as a result of poor performance. This is turn can impact a company’s bottom line. Web Werks’ latest industry tie-ups will address these issues.

“Web Werks continues to develop its strategy and its critical infrastructures at a remarkable pace,” explained Web Werks’ Technical Manager. “We strive to enhance customer experience and thus, we come up with ideas and solutions to advancing our data centers. We are have confidently taken this step and believe that it will bring a huge transformation to our network services”. He added, “Latency has always been a critical issue playing its part in disturbing the overall productivity and efficiency of organizations. In collaboration with the regional ISPs across India, we will introduce technologies such as adaptive Transit and Intelligent Flow Control Systems that will increase network uptime”.

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