Hosting Provider Web Werks and Domain Name Body ICANN Collaborate on L-Root Server Node in India

Hosting Provider Web Werks and Domain Name Body ICANN Collaborate on L-Root Server Node in India
Hosting provider Web Werks and domain name body ICANN have collaborated on a new L-Root server node in India. Web Werks, which has headquarters in Mumbai, India, was established in 1996. The company bills itself as “one of the leading data center providers in India”. It is a “carrier neutral” data center provider and operates 5 Tier III and Tier IV data centers with a presence in the United States. Web Werks provides a wide range of hosting services, including cloud and VPS hosting, dedicated servers and colocation. It caters to around 5,000 customers globally. The company’s collaboration with ICANN will lead to a “more responsive and resilient internet” in India.

Established in 1998, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers – or ICANN – is a nonprofit organization which coordinates the internet’s databases and unique identifiers. Its purpose is to ensure the internet remains stable through the development of internet policy and the provision of a system that takes in all domain names and their identifiers. Web Werks and ICANN’s L-Root server node has been established in Mumbai and it is the second such server node in India. It will enhance the Domain Name System (DNS) to make it more robust and enable it to better resist certain cyber threats, including Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.

"We are very pleased to host India's second L-Root instance,” explained the CEO of Web Werks, Nikhil Rathi. “Decentralizing important Internet infrastructure in India is one of our missions under Internet First Philosophy. We are already hosting major DNS root servers and mission critical IT infrastructure for the largest content and CDN providers of the world. We believe that this L-Root instance will also increase the quality of Internet in the country, because part of DNS translation can be done locally and minimize DNS-related delays".

"I am very pleased with our partnership with Web Werks,” added the Head of ICANN in India, Samiran Gupta. “We have a very close working relationship with India's key Internet stakeholders and I am happy to facilitate the deployment of another root server instance in India".

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