HostRocket Announces Bandwidth Upgrades

[b]NY, USA April 15, 2002 - HostRocket.Com[/b], an industry leading virtual web hosting company ([url][/url]) has announced an increase in the amount of bandwidth included with all packages as of April 15, 2002. This bandwidth increase has been made to help accommodate the growing needs of our customers web sites as the internet and their site content evolves. The revised plans are available at: [url][/url]

To meet these growing needs of our customers and still maintain our low pricing structure, HostRocket has built their own IDC and brought in bandwidth direct from the source to get it in the most reliable and cost effective manner possible. The new data center features both redundant OC-12 SONET Ring fiber connections and a backup OC-3 fiber connection to the internet, offering 3 different paths out of our building for data to flow.

This package change will affect all old accounts, and to show our appreciation of their patience during the move, is being extended to affect all current customers as well. Current customers will not need to request this upgrade to their account as it is being made automatically.

[b]HostRocket.Com Inc.[/b] is dedicated towards providing a cost effective, full managed hosting solution web sites of any size. From a 5 page personal site to a 500 page corporate site, HostRocket.Com has a managed hosting solution right for you. HostRocket.Com, Inc. is a fully profitable, privately held and privately funded hosting company. Rest assured that the fate of your site rests not in the hands of bankers and investors, but with the people who deal with and care about the actual customers on a daily basis.

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