HostRocket Announces Entry into the VoIP Market

April 2, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Dedicated web hosting provider HostRocket.Com today announced plans to enter the VoIP telephony market by launching a new division later this quarter.

"This is a very logical move for our company. Many experts are predicting that by the year 2015, nearly half of all phone services globally will use IP telephony technology," stated Brendan Brader, HostRocket Chief Executive Officer.

Other company officials also stated that HostRocket has been planning and preparing for the launch of the service for over six months and has invested several hundred thousand dollars in its staff, infrastructure, and facility during that time.

"We are confident that upon entrance into the market, we can provide an affordable, reliable service that is superior to anything else consumers currently have access to. We’ve done our research; we know what the industry needs. We intend to fill each and every one of those needs," stated Timothy Dick, HostRocket Business Development Manager.

The company plans to offer a full line of VoIP services including plans starting at under $15 for residential users.

"VoIP is the inevitable future of the telephone industry. It combines the digital infrastructure of the Internet with a commodity that people use every day. It steps up what phone service can do for its users where traditional switched network phone service has hit a wall," stated John Reyes, HostRocket Chief Technical Officer.

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