HostRocket Launches RackFast.Com, Enters Managed Hosting Market

HostRocket Launches RackFast.Com, Enters Managed Hosting Market

NEW YORK - May 12, 2002 – HostRocket.Com, Inc, a leader in shared and semi-dedicated hosting services today announced the launch of a new managed hosting service provider, RackFast.Com. RackFast provides managed dedicated web and application servers, which because to the staff’s vast experience in managing servers provide better reliability, scalability, and security than shared hosting servers and are cheaper than buying and maintaining un-managed or co-located servers.

RackFast provides top of the line, managed services ranging from server maintenance, security, and advanced port monitoring to complete server management. From simple configuration errors to hardware failure and replacements, a technician just a free phone call away is monitoring your site and server 24/7/365. “Our years of experience in the industry gives us a leg up on the competition, which translates into a more stable and reliable product for our customers. Our accessibility to our customers is our key asset. We make our experienced staff available anytime of any day, from the lowest level tech to the CEO you can get a hold of anyone at our company just by dialing the phone.” Said Brendan Brader, chief technical officer.

“Our customers can go away on vacation for a week and know that we pro-actively monitor their server and fix it without them ever contacting us or even knowing about the problem. Our customers like the sense of stability that we provide for them, knowing that any time of day or night, they can call toll free and talk to qualified people who are on site with the experience and resources in hand to fix whatever problem may arise.” Said Brader.

“You can get a server for $99/month with 400 gigs of bandwidth but when it comes down to it, the lack of industry experience, quality hardware, and service is where you pay the real price with those companies. When someone decides to trust their business to us, they are getting more than a dedicated server. They are getting a whole team of dedicated people as well.” Says David Laube, a network RackFast network technician. “Our services don’t just stop at the back of the server. We maintain, repair, and monitor customers servers for them, allowing them to concentrate on maintaining their site and not the server.”

The state of the art RackFast data center is home to tens of thousands of websites and has a fully redundant, multi-homed network with BGP4 routing enabled to ensure data enters and leaves our network through the fastest route possible. The network consists entirely of Cisco Systems’ networking equipment, and is fully switched to provide optimum performance, and is connected to the Internet via redundant OC-12 and OC-3 fiber loops.

RackFast.Com, Inc. provides high end, managed dedicated servers for high availability hosting solutions. RackFast is a sister company of HostRocket.Com, Inc, a leader in shared and semi-dedicated hosting solutions. HostRocket has been in operating cash-flow positive since its inception in late 1999 and runs out of a privately owned data center in Clifton Park, NY. Please direct all press inquiries to

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