Indian Provider Web Werks Offers Customers Ongoing ‘Rapid Action Support’

Indian Provider Web Werks Offers Customers Ongoing ‘Rapid Action Support’
Indian provider Web Werks has announced that it now offers customers ongoing ‘Rapid Action Support’. The company, which has headquarters in Mumbai, India, was established in 1996. It is recognized as being “one of the leading data center providers in India”. A ‘carrier neutral’ data center provider, Web Werks maintains five Tier III and Tier IV data centers and has a presence in the United States.

Web Werks’ wide range of hosting services include cloud and VPS hosting, dedicated servers and colocation alongside data center infrastructure services such as backup and storage options, disaster recovery, and migration services. These services are provided to a customer base of around 5,000 individuals and companies. Its Rapid Action Support is a response to the needs of modern businesses.

Web Werks suggests that with businesses operating on a global basis companies need “round the clock” support to avoid downtime and other issues. The company offers a number of fully trained technical engineers who assist customers with solutions for any technical and maintenance issues.

“We are focused at delivering value oriented services without compromising with the quality,” explained a company spokesperson in a press release. “Our ultimate aim is to achieve customers’ gratification and our rapid action support, available 24x7x365, will surely add to our customers’ delight. We work toward improving our services through persistent innovations.” The spokesperson added “Rapid progress of Telecom, IT and social media sectors in recent years, has ensued continuous rise in demand for reliable data center services in India and worldwide. To meet these rising demands, Web Werks recently launched its tier 4 cloud enable data center with 24x7 rapid action supports”.

Web Werks’ latest news comes on the heels of the company announcing earlier this year that it now hosts all key Indian DNS root servers, and announcing it was collaborating with domain name body ICANN on a new L-Root server node in India at the end of last year.

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