Indian Web Host and Data Center Company Web Werks Prepares IoT

Indian Web Host and Data Center Company Web Werks Prepares IoT
Indian web host and data center company Web Werks has announced it has prepared a strategy to address Internet of Things (IoT) options for its customers. Web Werks has headquarters in Mumbai, India and offers a broad range of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 20000-1-compliant hosting options through 5 Tier III and Tier IV data centers both in India and the United States. These options offer “uptime of 99.995%” and extend to cloud, VPS hosting, dedicated servers and colocation services.

An ICANN-registered domain name provider, Web Werks was recognized as the 'Best Cloud Data Center and Internet Exchange Company of the Year' for 2017. The company has prepared a strategy designed to enable the deployment of the right infrastructure to support IoT in its customers’ organizations.

Web Werks’ strategy will “unravel connectivity and enhance the security of the data at the same time”. The company will establish a series of checklists that will guide companies in preparing their infrastructure for IoT. The strategy addresses “network, servers, displays and dashboards, custom software, policy, IP, and legal preparedness”.

“IoT definitely is a perk for an organization but before implementing in your infrastructure you have to prepare a strategy,” explained Web Werks’ CEO Nikhil Rathi. “This strategy developed by Web Werks will ensure that IoT is deployed in your environment safely. As a leading company that has been delivering technology innovations to clients for more than two decades, we will leverage our core strengths around device management, operational analytics and security to bring out IoT offerings to customers," added Mr. Rathi.

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