Leading Virtual Private Server (VPS) Provider, Cirrus Tech, Updates VPS Plans

June 6, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Cirrus Tech, a Toronto, Ontario based web hosting company has announced they have updated VPS hosting plans. This VPS update is intended to replace Cirrus Tech’s lower end dedicated servers, and offer clients with a cost-effective alternative to a dedicated server.

Cirrus Tech VPS Hosting Plans range from VPSes with minimal resources to higher end VPSes with dedicated server like resources. Their latest VPS plan update focused on enhancing their larger VPS plans to perform more like a dedicated server. This was achieved by assigning higher resources to their larger VPS plans and utilizing more powerful servers.

Last year, Cirrus Tech invested heavily in their data center by moving towards a more modular-based data center utilizing the latest Dell Blade Servers with multi core processors. Cirrus Tech’s larger VPS plans are housed in these powerful blade servers for increased performance, stability and energy efficiency.

Scalability of their VPS hosting plans was also an important determinant in increasing the resources of their larger VPS plans. “We wanted to provide a hosting solution for potential clients thinking of eventually moving to a dedicated server, but didn’t quite require the full resources of a dedicated server at the start,” says Cirrus Tech CEO, Ehsan Mirdamadi. “Our client can start with a lower VPS plan at a cheaper price, and when their resource requirements increase, they can easily upgrade to a larger VPS plan with dedicated server like resources easily.”

Cirrus Tech’s VPS hosting services utilize Parallel’s Virtuozzo technology, and are offered in 5 distinct plans in either Windows or Linux. VPS clients have full root/admin access to their Linux or Windows VPS and can install and run any supported applications. Each VPS container is an isolated environment and include dedicated resources assigned only to their VPS container. Cirrus Tech offers most of the popular Linux distributions, such as CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu, and also Windows Server 2003. The Parallels Plesk 9 control panel is included on most Cirrus Tech VPS hosting plans.

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