Linux and Windows VPS Specialist Cirrus Tech Partners with Software Company Smarter Tools Inc.

Linux and Windows VPS Specialist Cirrus Tech Partners with Software Company Smarter Tools Inc.
Toronto, Ontario-based Linux and Windows VPS specialist Cirrus Tech has partnered with software company Smarter Tools Inc. Phoenix, Arizona-based Smarter Tools Inc. builds software which automates IT operations and hosting infrastructure for a range of businesses environments.

Cirrus Tech will immediately offer Smarter Tools' solutions which are designed for SMEs. They will be available free of charge to customers with virtual private server plans. The solutions include the SmarterMail mail server, SmarterTrack customer service software, and SmarterStats - a web log analytics and SEO solution designed for Windows virtual private server customers.

Smarter Tools' products are utilized by businesses in 100 countries globally and are fully optimized for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera, making them accessible anywhere in the world. The SmarterMail product is a Microsoft Exchange challenger providing almost identical functionality with file storage, email archiving, advanced synchronization, and antispam and antivirus protection. SmarterStats allows users to consider web site statistics to increase ROI, while the SmarterTrack desk application tracks and manages sales and support issues and provides full reporting.

"As a specialist in VPS hosting, we don’t just think about servers", explained Ehsan Mirdamadi, CEO at Cirrus Tech. "At Cirrus, we also carefully consider the applications and add-ons we can include to make our VPS offering as rich and powerful as possible for our SMB customers. SmarterTools is the ideal fit. Your hosting should play a part in your overall business success. With SmarterTools, that’s what we’re helping to foster."

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