Managed Cloud Hosting Provider Cloudways Platform Announces Drupal 8 Options

Managed Cloud Hosting Provider Cloudways Platform Announces Drupal 8 Options
Managed cloud hosting provider Cloudways Platform (Cloudways) has announced the launch of Drupal 8 options. Cloudways, which has headquarters in Mosta, Malta, was established in 2011. The company leverages the cloud products and services of companies like DigitalOcean, Vultr, Amazon, and Google to offer managed cloud services that cater to a broad customer base including “ecommerce store owners, design agencies, developers and bloggers”. The inclusion of Drupal 8 options in its portfolio underscores the importance of the solution.

Launched in 2001 Drupal is a world-famous Content Management System (CMS). Offering more security than some solutions, it is the CMS of choice of an number of enterprises. An Open Source (OS) solution, Drupal can be leveraged to establish websites of various levels of complexity, from simple blogs, to complex business websites. Users can choose from a wide range of free and commercial templates that can be used to customize a site, and a global community develops modules that can add to a website’s functionality. Drupal 8 is the latest iteration of the software.

Cloudways’ Drupal 8 offerings are built on a “blazing-fast hosting stack” and being fully managed users can focus on core competencies rather than IT and website development. Cloudways has a solid history offering Drupal, with Drupal 7.43 hosting already available. In fact, Cloudways platform can manage both Drupal 7 and 8 websites alongside each other “without any conflict”. The solution is offered with the guarantee of “almost 100% uptime” and a “one-click control panel that contains more than 50 easy-to-use operations” for effective account management. Cloudways operates within a global network of 25 data centers so users can deploy web apps “for any targeted region”.

“Users expect us to deliver the best services in the cloud hosting arena. Drupal 8 was one of the most requested features on our feedback page,” explained Cloudways’ CTO and co-founder, Pere Hospital. “Being one of the most user-friendly Cloud Hosting providers, we keep our customers at the forefront of our transformation. Drupal 8 on the Cloudways Platform provides broader capabilities for all forms of websites than any other available alternatives.”

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