Managed Hosting and Data Center Provider Netcetera Achieves ISO14001 Certification

August 15, 2013
Managed Hosting and Data Center Provider Netcetera Achieves ISO14001 Certification
Managed hosting and data center provider Netcetera has achieved ISO14001 certification. The company, which is located in Ballasalla on the Isle of Man (a semiautonomous island that lies under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom), received the certification as a measure of the company's environmental measures.

Established in 1996, Netcetera is the Isle of Man's largest web host and a leading managed hosting and data center provider in the European market. Its services include colocation, dedicated servers, virtual machines, shared hosting, managed Windows cloud servers and managed infrastructure services. The company operates a 16,000 square foot ISO27001 certified facility and caters to business customers in over 75 countries worldwide. ISO14001 certification indicates the company's commitment towards environmental concerns.

ISO14001 certification is an international environmental standard that requires external validation of a continuous quality cycle which includes planning, implementing, reviewing and improving processes to meet "business and environmental goals". Certification is based on a rigorous series of third-party audits. Netcetera's certification covers its Isle of Man Data Center and hosting solutions as well as its offices on the island. It ensures the company has engaged effective environmental management systems, including waste reduction measures, and successfully managed the environmental impact of its products and services.

"We work in an industry with its own particular energy challenges and as the world increasingly turns to hosted cloud solutions to meet its computing requirements, we have a heightened responsibility to ensure our solutions are architected, built and maintained in an environmentally responsible manner from the start," explained Netcetera's CTO, Tim Cass. "Achieving this standard helps to underpin our Global Sustainability Program and focus the business on achieving our targets and objectives, not just in terms of energy but wherever we have an environmental impact."

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