Managed Hosting Provider Liquid Web Partners with WPMerge and AffiliateWP

Managed Hosting Provider Liquid Web Partners with WPMerge and AffiliateWP
Managed hosting provider Liquid Web has partnered with WordPress services provider WPMerge and affiliate program services provider AffiliateWP. Lansing, Michigan-based Liquid Web was established in 1997 and has a network of “privately-owned, global data centers”. It caters to more than 30,000 customers in 150 countries. Alongside managed hosting services it offers web hosting and cloud hosting services with a particular emphasis on WordPress-related options. The company prides itself in offering “reliable, highly-available, secure, and hassle-free hosting” and is known for its ‘Heroic Support’. Liquid Web’s partnerships with WPMerge and AffiliateWP will bring “additional bundled features” to its managed application product lines.

WPMerge’s services address WordPress development workflow issues, overcoming problems related to merging sites that have been cloned for development, and live sites that receive updates such as WooCommerce orders. To deal with such complexities the company created “an intelligent, automated database merging plugin that merges changes on the dev site to the live site without over-writing the changes made to the live site since cloning”.

AffiliateWP is an “easy-to-use affiliate marketing solution” that looks and feels like WordPress. It manages IDs and reduces the complexity of affiliate marketing activity by making it “ridiculously simple” to setup an affiliate program. Also a WordPress plugin, AffiliateWP offers a range of affiliate marketing tools and provides “reliable tracking and accurate data”. By partnering with AffiliateWP and WPMerge Liquid Web is able to add their services to its managed WordPress and WooCommerce offerings.

"One of the most important dynamics in bringing traffic to your store is the ability to reward people for sharing the news," suggested Liquid Web’s Vice President of Products and Innovation. "As we continue to build the most complete open source eCommerce platform, it made sense to make sure every store owner and store builder could count on AffiliateWP being available for them to use," he added.

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