Newtek Business Services, Inc. Offers Web Hosting

March 10, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Business services and financial products provider Newtek Business Services, Inc. has announced the launch of Newtek Web Hosting. The new company will be powered by CrystalTech Web Hosting Inc., a Windows hosting provider purchased by Newtek Business Services in late 2004.

Since being bought by Newtek, CrystalTech has seen a significant increase in activity and doubled its customer base. Newtek Web Hosting will leverage the success of CrystalTech and offer the entire CrystalTech range of products. The company will also leverage its trusted position with organizations such as credit unions, banks and trade associations to acquire further web hosting customers.

Discussing the move, Barry Sloane, Chairman and CEO of Newtek Business Services, Inc. suggested, "The launch of Newtek Web Hosting and the announcement of Newtek Data Storage are key to further establishing Newtek as the premier provider of business services and financial products to the 23 million small to medium-sized business clients across the United States. As we continue to grow our direct distribution channels through our alliance partners and other to be announced alternative distribution channels, the name Newtek will continue to grow in prominence and brand recognition. Recently, the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) endorsed Newtek Business Services for both web hosting and data storage services. The company will shortly announce greater detail of that endorsement by CUNA as well as a launch date for the product offering. Our ability to cross brand, cross market, bundle and sell a suite of services is linked to our success in becoming the 30th largest SBA loan originator by loan volume, the 2nd largest Microsoft Windows(R) only web hosting company, as well as the 45th largest merchant processing company by process volume. We are excited about our progress, success, and strides in this area."

He added, "CrystalTech Web Hosting will remain as the backbone to all of our technology oriented offerings and will continue to market, sell, and service its entire CrystalTech based products and services through the website ( as well as its existing clientele and target market. Newtek Business Services will aim to increase its web-based presence as it is in the process of repositioning its own website to facilitate client order flow and alternative distribution channels."

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