Oryon.net Announces the Launch of OryonSentinel Service: Offering Businesses Round-the-Clock, Unmatched AI-Driven Security Solutions

January 18, 2024
Oryon.net Announces the Launch of OryonSentinel Service: Offering Businesses Round-the-Clock, Unmatched AI-Driven Security Solutions
Singapore's leading web hosting and domain registration provider, Oryon.net, is thrilled to unveil its groundbreaking OryonSentinel service - a revolutionary cybersecurity sentinel providing uninterrupted protection for your business. OryonSentinel leverages military-grade prevention, detection, and response capabilities, all propelled by our cutting-edge behavioral AI. This robust solution operates seamlessly, ensuring security remains intact even without an internet connection.

Real-Time Threat Detection with AI:
Continuous protection with AI behavioral analytics ensures swift identification of malicious actions on all internet-connected devices. The AI acts autonomously, swiftly responding to threats without the need for central server checks.

Reduction of False Positives:
AI-driven security reduces false positives by accurately distinguishing between benign and malicious behavior. This minimizes disruptions caused by erroneous alarms, enhancing the efficiency of threat identification.

Consistent Security Across Platforms:
OryonSentinel ensures uniform features and capabilities across all supported operating systems (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux). This consistency simplifies management, providing a standardized security approach in diverse IT environments.

USB & Bluetooth Device and Firewall Control:
OryonSentinel monitors and restricts the use of USB and Bluetooth devices to prevent potential malware threats. Additionally, robust firewall management regulates incoming and outgoing network traffic, safeguarding against unauthorized access.

Automated Malware Remediation:
Swift, automated responses to threats involve one-click actions for threat removal, device isolation, or other remediation steps. Automated recovery processes help restore files and systems to their pre-attack state, minimizing downtime and damage.

Unified Cybersecurity Policy:
OryonSentinel facilitates the implementation of a unified cybersecurity policy, ensuring consistent security protocols across the entire network. This encompasses control over internet-connected devices, USB and Bluetooth device usage, software installations, and website access.

Elevate your company's security with OryonSentinel—the 24/7 guardian against evolving cyber threats. Explore the future of cybersecurity with Oryon.net today.

For more information about Oryon Networks Pte Ltd and its comprehensive range of services, including Cybersecurity, Singapore web hosting, domain name registration, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace, visit: Oryon.net.

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