Power Company Cuts Power But Aplus Stays Up

May 25, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web host Aplus.net survived a 12-hour power outage recently and kept its 350,000 customers online. When the local power company cut the power to perform maintenance, the Aplus.Net data center was powered by an Uninterrupted Power Supply and a diesel generator from roughly 10:40pm on May 20 until 10:30am the next day. Aplus.Net’s services were uninterrupted, and not a single customer noticed any difference in service.

“There were no surprises because we are always prepared for this sort of things,” said Ivan Vachovsky, CEO of Aplus.Net. “Our subsystems and the backup generator in our data center are routinely tested and kept in top working order.”

In the event of an unplanned, city-wide power outage, Aplus.Net’s data center would be unaffected, since their power systems are housed on San Diego’s military power grid. Beyond that, the data center’s Uninterrupted Power Supply and diesel generator can supply enough power to run the entire facility for 36 hours without refueling, and much longer with scheduled refueling.

“Insured-power is a great benefit of Aplus.Net’s services and operations, and one of the many reasons people choose to host their websites and dedicated servers with us,” said Vachovsky.

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