Private Cloud, Dedicated Server and Colocation Provider Hivelocity Launches Rapid Restore

Private Cloud, Dedicated Server and Colocation Provider Hivelocity Launches Rapid Restore
Private cloud, dedicated server and colocation provider Hivelocity has launched a new service called Rapid Restore for its customers. The company, whose headquarters are in Tampa, Florida, United States, was established in 2002. It caters to customers in around 130 countries with services delivered through its network of data centers. Hivelocity’s new service allows customers to save and restore “anything from a single file to an entire bare metal server, including the operating system, configuration, databases and all server data”.

Hivelocity’s new service protects customers from “hard drive failures, data corruption, accidental data deletion and even viruses”. The solution creates a new recovery point on a daily basis and offers customers 5 recovery points from which to restore their data. Customers that experience data loss merely revert to a version of their data that was backed up on a previous date. Up to 200GB of data can be restored per hour making restorations “20X faster than a typical recovery effort over the public web”. Hivelocity is offering potential and existing customers a 30-day trial available free of charge. Beyond the trial “it costs about $1 per day to backup up to 500GB per day”.

“Our goal with everything we do is to make life easier on our customers,” explained Javier Viduera, Tech Support Manager at Hivelocity. “Our new Daily Backup and Rapid Restore service gives our customers peace of mind knowing they will always have a way to recover any or all of their server data from a backup no more than 24 hours old. Additionally, they have the peace of mind knowing a data recovery event will have minimal impact on their business because the data restoration happens so quickly. I would gladly give up the burden of managing and monitoring my backups for a buck a day.”

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