welcomes Minister's move on the .ie domain

April 15, 2004
Eoin Costello, managing director of, has welcomed that announcement by the Minister for Communications that the regulation and control of the .ie domain is to move to the Commission for Communications Regulation.

The .ie domain is a national resource and should be available to Irish companies and individuals with a minimum of bureaucracy and cost. To this end Mr. Costello is requesting that Comreg commence an immediate study on the practicality of the deregulation of the .ie domain with the objective of full deregulation in 18 months time.

The advantages of deregulation would include:

1. Increased take up of the .ie domain.In America there are 60 million people claiming Irish descent. If a fraction of them registered .ie domains volume of .ie domains registered would rise rapidly.

2. Lower prices for the public.

3. Would fulfill the government mandate of the use of the registry to maximise the benefit to the Irish Republic.

In the past the biggest concern with regards to deregulation was the risk of domain squatters taking domains rightly attributable to others. Given
that the Irish Domain Registry has adopted the WIPO dispute resolution procedure this is not a valid concern any more.

In the past number of years an increasing number of European registries have deregulated with predominantly positive results.

For more information please contact

Eoin Costello
A division of Novara IT
Ph: 1850 668272

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