Seattle-based Host ‘Reprise Hosting’ Now cPanel Partner NOC

Seattle-based Host ‘Reprise Hosting’ Now cPanel Partner NOC
Web hosting provider ‘Reprise Hosting’ has become a cPanel Partner NOC. The company, which has headquarters in Seattle, Washington, United States, was established in 2012. It offers a range of services including Windows VPS hosting and has a particular focus on delivering “affordable dedicated servers and cPanel VPS hosting”. Through its partnership with cPanel it has been able to enhance its managed services offerings through a new ‘Premier Managed’ server administration program.

Premier Managed customers will now benefit from a free cPanel license and enjoy the support of “24/7/365 hands-on server administration”. To make transition to Reprise Hosting’s services easier, the company is offering managed customers a free migration service. “We’re constantly evaluating the services that we offer to our clients,” explained Reprise Hosting’s spokesperson, Jeff Michaels. “Similarly, we work diligently behind the scenes to find new ways to add value to our existing services. With our introduction of ‘Premier Managed’ server administration and complimentary cPanel licenses, we believe that our current and prospective clients will recognize the added value.”

“This partnership reflects our trust and commitment to the server management software built by cPanel Inc”, added Reprise Hosting’s Lead System Administrator, Brian Harrison. “We’ve only seen positive outcomes from our clients who have made the switch to cPanel. Now, by including a cPanel license with our management services, we hope to see more positive outcomes for our customers. There is simply no other server management software available on the market that works as well as cPanel.”

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