Shrikant Dharap Selected as WordPress Specialist DreamHost’s VP of Business Operations

Shrikant Dharap Selected as WordPress Specialist DreamHost’s VP of Business Operations
Shrikant Dharap has been made Vice President of Business Operations at WordPress specialist DreamHost. DreamHost has headquarters in Los Angeles, California, United States and specializes in ‘DreamPress’ managed WordPress options. Alongside shared hosting the company’s other services extend to dedicated servers, Virtual Private Server (VPS) packages and domain name registration. It is also noted for its ‘DreamObjects’ cloud storage service, ‘DreamCompute’ cloud computing service, and its ‘Remixer’ “click-to-edit” website building platform. As Vice President of Business Operations Mr. Dharap’s focus will be to accelerate the company’s managed WordPress strategy and enhance its international footprint.

Mr. Shrikant is an industry veteran and brings considerable experience to his new position. His previous positions have included a variety of finance and operational roles in a number of industries. These positions included Director of Finance at US Airways. This depth of experience and his background in optimizing business operations will bring considerable benefit to DreamHost. “We believe his strong financial background combined with his operational know-how will be a huge asset to DreamHost going forward. We’re looking forward to having Shrikant contribute to our rapid growth in Managed WordPress,” explained Michael Rodriguez, the co-CEO of DreamHost.

“I’ve been following DreamHost for years,” explained Mr. Shrikant, “They’re an established brand with a well-known industry presence. I see a lot of opportunities to grow DreamHost’s reach and influence in the world of Managed WordPress, and I can’t wait to dive in and work with the team to help them capitalize on all of the great work that’s already been done with DreamPress to meet the needs of their users.”

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