Site5 Uses Web Redesign to Garner Market Awareness

April 8, 2005
April 8, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Site5, a well-known provider of web hosting and reseller services, just completed and launched their second website re-design in 10 days. The company first released a radical redesign on March 24th, and then within just the past week, launched yet another enhanced version.

Site5 shocked the hosting industry when they launched what quickly became known as the "pink" design on Easter Sunday. Web hosting industry forums were abuzz with talk and speculation over Site5's intentions in adopting such an unconventional image. Some even speculated that the "pink" design symbolized a shift of Site5's target market toward women.

"We like women--we think they're great! That being said, we believe that our hosting services are equally well-suited for both sexes,” said Matt Lightner, CEO of "The inspiration for using pink in our website came from a desire to ward off ‘the blues’ that so many hosting companies seem to be suffering from these days." Lightner continued, "our website was not gender-targeted any more so than a blue website targets male buyers. We have been very surprised by how strongly our site's critics associate the color pink with women."

“Pink is the new blue," added Co-Founder and President Rod Armstrong--the mastermind behind all of Site5’s web designs. “The inspiration was mostly to do something altogether different from the standard site styles you see in the web hosting industry.”

But Site5 didn't stop there…

On Tuesday, April 5th, visitors to were once again surprised with an unannounced website makeover. The second re-design was the end result of more than a month of in-depth marketing research and brand planning, combined with the copious amounts of feedback that Site5 received on the "pink" design.

Site5 refused to say whether or not the second redesign was planned at the time the "pink" site was released. "Whichever you think makes us sound more impressive--that's what we intended," said Armstrong. “But really, since we do everything in-house, we have the unique ability to make drastic changes on the fly. We used that opportunity to quickly overhaul some things we thought could be improved. The pink garnered a lot of attention, but we think our new, revised identity has a more lasting appeal.”

One thing is for sure: Site5 is getting widespread industry attention as a result of their creative confusion. "The back-to-back website launches increased Site5's brand awareness to unprecedented levels," said Lightner. "But this was only one of many large and inventive projects that Site5 currently has in the works. You can expect to hear quite a bit more about us in the coming months and years."

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