SiteGround Adds More Features to Customized cPanel Theme

April 24, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – SiteGround web hosting company recently announced the launch of multiple new functionalities in its customized cPanel theme Crystal. The most important new additions were specifically requested by customers and include: multiple languages, important notices section, and instant full and partial backups.

After the launch of the company’s customized cPanel’s theme Crystal in the beginning of March, SiteGround has requested feedback from customers on what features they would like to see embedded in Crystal. The top two user suggestions were multilanguage support and instant backups. Just a few weeks later, the company introduced the requested enhancements.

SiteGround has translated its customized theme in 11 languages by now and is working on adding 5 more language options. The language options feature is already recognized as a great convenience by the large international customer community of SiteGround.

Since last week, customers also have the option to make instant full or partial backups for free through their cPanel. The company has developed a custom backup script that allows customers to backup their whole accounts, databases or just email filters and forwarders. The script was specifically made so that it should save resources and not load the servers, unlike the default solutions available before.

SiteGround also upgraded the cPanel Notices section available in Crystal to ensure uninterrupted email services. Alerts will be displayed when any email account goes beyond the email quota and guidelines on how to optimize that particular inbox will be available.

"We received lots of suggestions and feedback from our customers through Facebook, Twitter, our forum and our blog. All we had to do was listen to what users need and make it happen as soon as possible. It is just great that we have the opportunity to talk to our clients, discuss their ideas and add value to their Crystal experience," says Radostina Kesova, Marketing Specialist at SiteGround.

The active communication with customers and the introduction of new features in their customized cPanel theme have once again proven that SiteGround is a hosting provider committed to delivering premium hosting experience for its customers.

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