tyBit™ Moves from Beta to Full Production by Second Quarter 2008

January 17, 2008
January 17, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – tyBit™, a new search engine affiliated with web hosting provider AIT (http://www.AIT.com/) which searches multiple engines to generate search results, will move from beta to full production by the second quarter of 2008, it was announced yesterday. The company will embark on a number of initiatives before full production is complete.

“First, the ad module is open for Beta and free sign up,” explained tyBit™ CEO, Mr. Clarence Briggs. “Second, we are allowing pre-registration of Keywords for our Global Keyword Registry™ or GKR™. Third, we are pleased to announce our new “shop” function so users can search and compare pricing for products and services across the web.”

“We have over 5,000 advertisers currently in the system and during the Beta period, they are advertising for free,” added Kitti Jo Finch, General Manager of tyBit™. “The ad module is up and running and we are soliciting advertiser feedback as we put the finishing touches on the search engine for our scheduled debut second quarter.” Officials announced that the next generation ad module is already in development and can actually deliver text, audio or video ads based on keyword relevancy displaying results Desktops, PDAs, or cell phones. “Now any business can have a very affordable television commercial on the web,” said Finch. “And tyBit™ provides three types of advertising opportunities including pay-per-click without click fraud, CPA or cost-per-action and KWR or key-word-registry.”

tyBit™ offers a number of features that allow users to shop the web. “I actually asked my mother what she wanted in a search engine for this one,” said Michael Roberts, CIO and head of technology for tyBit™. “We really are trying to make the user experience feature packed. We now search several engines and directories so tyBit™ users can shop for items and compare pricing and terms of service, this is truly one-stop-shopping. The next release will add several language translations like Spanish, Chinese, and German. We are also building a social network and best of all a web-based version for an affiliate program without click fraud. Soon, anyone with a website can earn money by signing up to become a tyBit Web Partner™ and have their own search engine. Mac and Linux users have also asked for versions.”

The company has also opened the tyBit™ Keyword Registry for pre-registration so future tyBit™ Advertisers and Keyword Registrars (or resellers) can take advantage of this new form of online advertising. The company has a Partner Module nearing completion - the module will enable select tyBit™ partners to receive 40% of gross revenues generated by subscribers using the Partner’s tyBit™ ID. ‘’The initial spark that drove the development of tyBit was our dissatisfaction with the search industry’s pay per click model and the associated click fraud,” said Briggs. “Our partners have indicated that they are frustrated because they don’t feel they are getting their fair share of the interactive advertising dollars even though they have the relationship with subscribers. They also want customization and transparency which they aren’t getting now. We can deliver this to them with tyBit. While the major search engines seem preoccupied with becoming media content moguls, tyBit seems intent on redefining the search paradigm to produce greater relevancy, reduce click fraud, and offer channel partners a piece of the search advertising pie.”

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