UK Web Hosting Company Takes On Internet Safety and Security

December 7, 2005
December 7, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – A UK web hosting company, Easyspace (, has taken on Internet safety and security issues through the introduction of Easysafe – an online security service. The new service delivers highly secure packages designed to meet the security requirements of broadband connected homes and small businesses.

The new Easysafe service has a ‘plug and play’ approach designed with non-technical users in mind. The system enables the full monitoring and recording of internet activity and can deny user access to specified web sites. This safeguard allows parents to protect children from inappropriate content and makes it easier for small businesses in Europe to comply with EU legislation governing workplace Internet usage.

Sarah Haran, Operations Director, Easyspace said of Easysafe, “By launching Easysafe to complement our existing hosting services, we believe that Easyspace is acting as a responsible hosting provider to both consumers and small businesses.” She added, “Easyspace is recognised as one of Europe’s leading hosting companies and has built a reputation for providing innovative and easy to use services. While the internet remains an invaluable research and communications tool for both families and small businesses, it also poses considerable risks to their safety. With the addition of the Easysafe service to our overall hosting portfolio, we are taking positive steps to ensure that our customers can enjoy web surfing, email, instant messaging and file downloads without a risk to their safety.”

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