UK Web Hosting Provider Offers Blogging Service

November 7, 2005
UK Web Hosting Provider Easyspace ( has launched a proprietary blogging service as part of its ongoing strategy to further improve customer services. Announced 1 November 2005 the service is available in 3 different packages - Gold, Platinum and Diamond with costs ranging from 3.99 UKSTG to 9.99 UKSTG.

Easyspace hopes that its new blogging service will compete with other services already established on the Internet. The company aims to differentiate its offering by maintaining a clear customer focus to ensure the service meets and exceeds customer requirements.

Established in 1997 Easyspace has over 500,000 customers worldwide has registered 10% of the total domain names within the U.K. and 1% of .com, .net and .org domains worldwide.

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