US NetworX has Designed and is Hosting New Site

March 30, 2005
March 30, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web hosting and e-business services provider U.S. NetworX recently announced the creation of the site for Vibrashine.

"We are very pleased to work with them to create a site making it easier for outdoor enthusiasts to see Vibrashine’s great products and purchase them online from the comfort of home,” said David Crawford, CEO of U.S. NetworX. “They insisted that the site be attractive, yet straightforward and easy to navigate by their customers. Based on the volume of orders the site has already received, I think we accomplished this goal.”

Vibrashine, a manufacturer of products for the shooting and outdoor markets, now features an e-commerce website, with photographs and details about each of their products, and enables site visitors to buy the products online.

Roger Lack, president of Vibrashine, said the site is a reflection of their continued commitment to their customers. “Vibrashine was founded in 1987 to provide high quality and reasonably priced tumblers to the reloading market, and we have continued to expand our product line,” he said. “We take pride in building quality products for our fellow sportsmen, such as trail cameras, camouflage, reloading products, and more. And we make sure each customer is happy with their purchase.”

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