Virtual Private Server for Serious Java Applications

February 6, 2003
eApps announces industry leading Virtual Private Server offering!

eApps today announced the immediate availability of a Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting service that meets the demanding needs of business grade Java applications.

A Virtual Private Server is essentially a "virtual computer" that runs along with other virtual computers on the same physical machine. This configuration is less costly than a computer dedicated to a single customer's use because it allows the resources of one powerful computer to be shared among a small number of customers.

Virtual Private Servers have been offered by hosting companies for several years. However, the offerings are deficient in their support of Java applications, and often do not meet expectations for control, support, and performance of serious Java developers. Rick Lingsch, President of eApps stated "Our team has put together a superior VPS offering that combines the power and stability of the FreeBSD Unix operating system with the standards support of the Sun Linux SDK. This configuration is unmatched in the industry and will provide Java developers a powerful solution for their JSP and J2EE applications."

The eApps VPS is priced between shared and dedicated hosting offerings.

Click the Virtual Private Server Hosting Services link for more information about eApps' VPS services offering or contact Sales at 770-448-2100 or

eApps is a leading provider of Java, Lotus Domino, and Microsoft IIS managed hosting services and hosts the web site.

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