VPS Hosting Solutions Provider KnownHost Launches Managed Cloud KVM Server VPS Hosting

January 1, 2018
VPS Hosting Solutions Provider KnownHost Launches Managed Cloud KVM Server VPS Hosting
Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting solutions provider KnownHost LLC (KnownHost) has announced the launch of ‘Managed Cloud KVM Server Hosting for Virtual Private Servers’ (VPS). KnownHost, which has headquarters in Washington, D.C., United States, provides an array of offerings including managed Virtual Private Servers (VPS), managed dedicated servers, managed SSD VPS and unmanaged VPS. With a presence in key cities across the United States, it caters to a global customer base. The company’s new offering targets small and medium sized enterprises.

KnownHost’s fully managed offering leverages Solid-state Storage (SSD) hard disk technology (which is much faster than traditional ‘spinning disk’ storage) and is underpinned by Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) - an “enterprise technology designed for maximum performance and availability”. The solution brings capability to organizations that might traditionally not have been able to afford premium technology. It brings together cloud flexibility with SSD performance to allow smaller businesses to “compete against the biggest brands in the world of ecommerce, website hosting and desktop virtualization”. Its launch underscores KnownHost's policy of to delivering “dependable, fully managed, ultra-high performance hosting at an affordable price”.

"We've had so many requests from our customer base, for a cloud computing hosting plan, we couldn't possibly ignore that kind of pressure from within," explained KnownHost’s Marketing Manager, Robb Sands. "Maintaining KnownHost's reputation for having the best uptime on the planet is a huge pressure," added KnownHost’s Chief Operating Officer, Daniel Pearson." And building a custom cloud solution that continues that tradition of outstanding uptime was our top priority."

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