Web Host AIT Announces 1st Month Free Consolidation Plan

June 22, 2005
June 22, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Juggling sites among various hosts? Finding it confusing to keep up with which account is with what company? AIT (http://ait.com/?news-consolidation) is making the consolidation of web properties easy by waiving the set-up fee and first month’s service charge an all accounts that are moved to its servers. “There are no fees of any type for 30 days,” said Clarence Briggs, AIT’s Chief Executive Officer. “We also provide a dedicated consolidation specialist to help with data migration.”

Consolidation is uniquely suited for hosting resellers, who are most likely to have multiple domains spread among multiple providers. “Reseller hosting options are geared to putting multiple sites in a single location,” said John Horton, web hosting Product Manager for AIT. “Accounts are much easier to manage through a single interface, and ultimately, expenses are lower, too.”

The consolidation is an extension of the industry-first test drive program that AIT initiated some months back, giving site owners a free month’s worth of service so they could clearly determine if the service was up to snuff. “This is still a comparison of sorts, so people who use multiple providers are not bound to anything beyond one month,” says Briggs. “I understand people being hesitant about hosting their entire business through a single provider, but spending your time on the logistics of balancing several companies isn’t very practical.”

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