Web Host AIT Offers Free Domain Reg and $1.99 Hosting

May 17, 2005
May 17, 2005- (HOSTSEASRCH.COM) - Web hosting provider AIT is including free domain registration in conjunction with low priced hosting plans that were introduced earlier this month. “Small businesses, in particular, see the value of the Internet as a promotional tool, even if it’s to reach potential customers in their immediate areas,” said Sales and Marketing VP, Suzy Hrabovsky. "This offering is geared to the small business who need that extra little incentive to get them on the web."

AIT's ICANN accredited domain registrar, AITDomains.com, has focused exclusively on the domains market through services for all top-level domains along with a Virtual Domain Registrar that provides resellers a private label solution. The move into hosting is focused on small companies seeking a low-cost entry into the digital marketplace. Hosting costs $1.99 per month, though there are upgrade options for customers who need more than a basic plan. “This is a natural evolution for AITDomains.com,” said Hrabovsky. “It just makes sense to bundle registration and hosting in a single stop.”

AIT provides wholesale domain name registration services for the major top level domains. One of the first registrars to receive full certification by ICANN, AIT supports some of the world's leading hosting companies, Internet Service Providers, and portal sites.

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