Web Host AIT Opens Domain Name Auction Site

July 25, 2005
July 25, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web host AIT has created an online domain auction service with the registrar being paid based on the size of the transaction at the conclusion of the sale. The service was created, according to AIT, for the bulk registrations and speculation business.

“This auction service makes it easy to sell or buy, with absolutely no fees until a domain is sold,” said Beau Garcia, VP / Business Development for AITDomains.com. “This is the industry equivalent of the stock brokerage shop that does not charge hefty fees for simply walking in the door.”

The AITDomains.com auction site is a strict seller-to-buyer model which is especially useful for people in the bulk registrations arena and for speculators who target specific markets. “We’ve seen domain buyers hone in on target areas like municipalities, the medical and legal industries, and state legislation, to name a few,” said Garcia. “This tool is a no-risk option for gauging interest in the domains they hold, and the same is true for a buyer looking for the appropriate domain name.”

Auctions can be set up to run for as long as a seller wants, and the domain holder also has the option of establishing a reserve price that must be met for a sale to go through. The application also notifies bidders by email when the auction goes into its last 24 hours.

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