Web Host AIT Signs Merchant Account Deal, Cuts Rates for Retailers

April 18, 2005
April 18, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web hosting company AIT has become an ISO/Merchant Service Provider of JP Morgan Chase, a global financial services firm. Under the agreement, the North Carolina hosting company will provide merchant accounts to both traditional retail and Internet-based businesses. This is AIT’s 3rd major E-commerce move in the past several months, and creates new revenue opportunities for hosting resellers while helping online merchants reduce the cost of Internet sales. “This agreement benefits retailers by extending lower discount rates, a major consideration for any business that accepts credit card payments,” said Clarence Briggs, AIT’s Chief Executive. “A savings of even tenths of a percentage point can have a dramatic impact on revenues over time. This will help businesses keep more of the money they would otherwise pay to card processors.”

White labeled for resellers

The affiliation also creates additional opportunities for hosting resellers, who can couple their business name with that of Chase in becoming Merchant Level Salespersons. Resellers earn a percentage of each transaction that their customers process plus they reap a bigger share of the application fee. “This agreement also does away with some of the myths related to e-commerce, such as solutions being too expensive or requiring a lot of tech support,” said Rebecca Campbell, AIT’s E-commerce Product Manager. “The application process is very easy, and any size business can accept credit cards. Our agreement with Chase means small companies can get favorable discount rates and keep their costs down.”

Another piece of the e-commerce puzzle

AIT’s deal with JP Morgan Chase is one more component in a systematic overhaul and improvement of the company’s e-commerce product line. It began with the introduction of Mcart 2005, an enhanced version of AIT’s proprietary shopping cart software, and continued with a series of bundled e-commerce hosting plans. “Online sales keep increasing at rates higher than overall retail. Businesses see that and they want to have a presence where potential customers are,” said Briggs.

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