Web Host and Cloud Services Provider DreamHost Launches DreamCompute

Web Host and Cloud Services Provider DreamHost Launches DreamCompute
Web host and cloud services provider DreamHost has announced the launch of DreamCompute to the general public. DreamHost, whose headquarters are in Los Angeles, California, United States, was established in 1997. The company caters to around 400,000 customers with a wide range of hosting services. DreamCompute is an “OpenStack-, Astara- and Ceph-powered” Open Source (OS) cloud computing service.

While DreamCompute has been available on a limited basis since 2014, it now allows all “developers, builders, and entrepreneurs to launch their web-based dreams”. A scalable, cloud computing solution offering a choice of operating systems, DreamCompute offers users full root access and accessibility to a range of OpenStack APIs.

DreamCompute represents the “most predictably-priced elastic cloud computing resource on the Internet”. The solution is available on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis coupled with “predictable monthly plans”. While users pay for what they use, there is a maximum monthly payment cap. “You’re charged only for the resources you use and we cap the total to 25 days per month,” explained DreamHost’s Cloud Product Manager Justin Lund. “If you have a virtual server running for longer than 25 days in a month, the rest of the month is on us!"

“Fresh for the GA, we’ve built DreamCompute’s new US-East cluster from the ground up for performance and reliability,” added DreamHost’s VP, Cloud,Jonathan LaCour. “We’re talking lightning-fast Intel processors, hardware-accelerated virtual networking, and all-SSD storage. We’ve doubled the performance of DreamCompute’s beta environment and done it all using purely open source components.”

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