Web Host and Cloud Services Provider DreamHost Outlines "Three-pronged" Approach to Mobile Websites and Apps

September 25, 2013
Web Host and Cloud Services Provider DreamHost Outlines
Web host and cloud services provider DreamHost has outlined a new "three-pronged" approach to support customers' mobile websites and apps. The company's new strategy is a result of "diverse customer feedback" from its 370,000+ customers.

DreamHost's infrastructure support iOS, Android or HTML5 app development, and its services include DreamObjects unlimited public cloud storage, VPS and dedicated for managed servers, alongside DreamCompute for unmanaged cloud. The company's new strategy meets the needs of "mobile-savvy" customers by enabling customers to establish "mobile-specific" websites with responsive website designs (designs that change format to be viewed properly through mobile device screens) which are maximized for mobile efficiency.

DreamHost offers a one click installer that provides access to range of mobile-optimized, open-source web applications, including DreamPress. The applications provide themes and plugins that can be used immediately to create responsive websites. The company has also partnered with DudaMobile, a leader in the mobile website field.

DudaMobile is a "do-it-yourself mobile website platform that gives small and medium-sized businesses a fast, simple and affordable way to build a mobile-friendly website". It offers WYSIWYG tools that allow users to migrate existing websites to mobile websites optimized for handheld devices. Its services will be available through DreamHost at $9 per month. During the initial limited launch period, DudaMobile will be available at $6.95 per month.

“Empowering our entrepreneurs and developers to easily create and maintain a great mobile web experience for their customers is essential given over 25% of traffic to sites hosted on DreamHost is mobile,” explained DreamHost CEO, Simon Anderson. “We’re all about engineering flexibility into our platform, so offering DudaMobile website optimizer alongside WordPress responsive design themes and best practices tips for custom website development presents a comprehensive set of options for mobile web success.”

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