Web Host and Cloud Services Provider DreamHost Supports ‘Let’s Encrypt Project’

January 22, 2016
Web Host and Cloud Services Provider DreamHost Supports ‘Let’s Encrypt Project’
Web host and cloud services provider DreamHost is supporting the ‘Let’s Encrypt Project’ through integration with its managed hosting platform. DreamHost, whose headquarters are in Los Angeles, California, United States, has been offering a range of hosting services since 1997 and caters to a base of around 400,000 customers. Its integration with the ‘Let’s Encrypt Project’ extends “end-to-end HTTPS encryption” for its customers’ sites.

DreamHost’s is a strong supporter of user encryption. Let’s Encrypt certificates were made available to the public in December 2015 and at that stage it was possible to implement certificates with DreamHost accounts, but it required a degree of effort. Users had to generate certificates and then attach them to their domains. DreamHost’s current support for Let’s Encrypt provides single-click integration with certificates attached to accounts “within a matter of minutes”. In addition, certificates are “automatically renewed indefinitely”. The free certificates provided by Let’s Encrypt will run alongside its paid SSL certificate service.

"DreamHost believes strongly that our users’ private data should remain private," explained the Vice President of Brand and Community at DreamHost, Brett Dunst. "Every Internet user, site owner or otherwise, should have a reasonable expectation that their interactions with a website won’t be surreptitiously monitored by a third party – ever."

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