Web Host and Data Center Operator Hetzner Online Expands Product Line

Web Host and Data Center Operator Hetzner Online Expands Product Line
Web host and data center operator Hetzner Online GmbH (Hetzner Online) has announced it is expanding its product line. Hetzner Online, which has headquarters in Gunzenhausen, Germany, was established in 1997. The company offers a broad range of services including dedicated, cloud, and managed hosting options. It also offers colocation and storage services. The introduction of cloud servers offers the company access to a broader customer base.

‘Hetzner Cloud’ offers users cost-effective services with a number of key features, including a highly usable ‘Cloud Console’ which acts as the service’s admin interface and simplifies administration tasks. The console enables users to easily add and assign roles to team members as part of project management. It also facilitates backups, snapshots, and floating IPs. Cloud Console also provides a “real-time, graphical monitoring tool so users can check the performance of the CPU, disks, and network on which their cloud is based”.

Hetzner Online’s cloud servers are located in its own data centers and meet Germany’s data protection laws and ISO 27001 criteria. Its options also benefit from flexible payment, which includes a ‘capped’ monthly fee, or hourly payment. Billing is “flexible and transparent” with no minimum contract period. Five cloud models are now available.

Each Hetzner cloud model features “high-end hardware” which includes Intel Skylake Xeon CPUs and NVMe Solid Disk Drives (SSDs). Customers also have the options of NVMe SSD RAID or Ceph for local storage and network storage. CX11, the company’s ‘entry-level’ package, includes 1 CPU, 2 GB RAM, 20 GB SSD and 20 TB of traffic and costs €2.49 ($3.07) a month. CX51 offers the most resources and includes 8 CPU cores, 32 GB RAM and 240 GB SSD. It costs €29.90 ($36.82) a month.

“We at Hetzner Online are very thrilled to now offer these cloud solutions, and we are especially proud of the Hetzner Cloud’s excellent price-to-performance ratio and our quick, user-friendly Cloud Console,” explained Martin Hetzner, Hetzner Online’s founder and CEO. “Furthermore, our customers around the world can rest assured that their data is safe with us because we operate in Germany, a country with some of the strictest data protection laws in the world.”

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