Web Host and Data Center Solutions Provider Whitelabel ITSolutions Explains What Companies Need from a Data Center

October 3, 2019
Web Host and Data Center Solutions Provider Whitelabel ITSolutions Explains What Companies Need from a Data Center
Web host and data center solutions provider Whitelabel ITSolutions has explained exactly what companies need for a data center to support their success. With premises and facilities in Hackensack, New Jersey, United States, Whitelabel ITSolutions started life in 2015. Since then it has become one of America’s leading providers, offering a broad spectrum of hosting and data center solutions that include shared hosting, reseller hosting, and managed Virtual Private Server (VPS) solutions alongside colocation. The company prides itself on having everything required to help a business grow.

Data centers often house their customers’ IT equipment and manage and store their entire IT operations. As such, they play a vital role, managing mission-critical systems that are crucial to a company’s daily operations. As a company grows it is vitally important that the data center it uses has the means and capacity to properly underpin its growth. Fortunately, Whitelabel ITSolutions’ customers do not need to worry about whether it has the infrastructure required to provide this vital role.

Whitelabel ITSolutions understands its customers’ high capacity networking requirements and its data center is “like no other''. The company’s facility offers a high-density infrastructure with “ample space, power, redundant utility systems and expert technical support” to ensure its services seamlessly scale to meet the growing demands of expanding businesses. The data center addresses “high-density, compute-intensive requirements” by offering cabinets, cages, private suites, and ultimately bespoke designed solutions that include managed services and meet a company’s exact requirements.

“Whether you need assistance building a solution roadmap, or require move and migration services, our partnerships provide a seamless platform for you to build a holistic IT architecture,” explained a company spokesperson. “We also guarantee 100% uptime supported by a team of experts as well as in-house and on-site security personnel. Whitelabel ITSolutions’ data center is prepared for all local uncontrollable events; our power grid allows our downtime in the event of a blackout to be as minimal as possible. We have everything you need to help your business grow at our data center.”

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