Web Host APlus Offers New SEO Marketing Tools

May 11, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web hosting and design firm Aplus.Net today announced the availability of six new marketing tools that help small businesses improve their search engine positioning efforts.

The new tools, available for free to Aplus.Net customers, help Web site owners create more search-engine-friendly content, and aide in the tracking of results for search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

Among the tools that improve site content for the search engines, a tool called Google KeySuggest evaluates Web site content and suggests a list of search-friendly words to include in page content. Since the number of links pointing to a site is critical to search engine ranking success, Aplus.Net created a tool called Backlink Tracker. This tool creates a list of the sites that contain links back to the target Web site.

Four new ranking and statistical tools display personalized search engine position reports for major search engines. The tools are unique in that they keep detailed campaign histories - so successes can be analyzed month after month. Three of the tools are dedicated to specific functions the popular Google search engine. Included here is a robust tool called Google KeyRank Monitor, which tracks search results for multiple keywords over time. The remaining tool, MSN KeyRank Monitor, does the same for the increasingly popular MSN engine.

“SEO has never been an exact science. For many people it involves a good amount of trial and error,” explains Ivan Vachovsky, Chief Executive Officer of Aplus.Net. “The new tools automate many complex and time consuming SEO processes. We are proud to be the first company in the Industry offering such tools to their customers. ”

Aplus.Net has licensed the technology for the new tools from PromotionWorld.com, an offshoot of California’s DevStart.

“Aplus.Net is the first client we have outsourced this amazing technology to,” says Darren Tabor, CEO of DevStart. “The agreement with Aplus.Net is non-exclusive so that we may consider outsourcing the technology to others as well.”

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