Web Host Aplus Releases Domain Name Search Tools

June 22, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web hosting provider Aplus announced an interesting new tool today that helps users find good domain names. DomainLab, a set of domain name search tools, expands options web site names by searching through domain names that are about to expire as well as those that are available.

The first web hosting company to offer such expanded domain name search tools, Aplus.Net has introduced five free tools that allow consumers to search among domain names at various stages of the domain name life cycle. By doing this, domain-buying consumers can search by keyword and return a much larger list of possible domain results from which to choose than previously possible.

The new tools include Domain Suggestions, a keyword-based search tool that searches domain lookups among the pool of available and unavailable domain names, the On Hold and Deleted Search tool, which returns results for domains that are scheduled to be available in the next 35 days, and the Scheduled for Delete tool, which returns results for domains that are likely to become available in the next 5 days.

Also included in DomainLab are tools that supply domain owners with competitive and defensive posturing. The Newly Registered Domains tool allows Web site owners to provide keyword-based searches amongst newly registered domains that contain variants of the keywords. The final tool is the Advanced Whois Search tool, which returns not only registrant information, but also traffic data and search engine ratings for specific domains.

“We are proud to mark another 1-st for Aplus.Net. ,” says Ivan Vachovsky, Chief Executive Officer of Aplus.Net. “With these tools, business owners can enter a few keywords and receive a long list of domains well fitted for their business.”

Vachovsky says he expects other major web hosting companies to follow his company’s lead. “We are the first web hosting company to offer advanced domain search, so I fully expect other registrars to follow.”

The DomainLab tools are available for free use on the Aplus.Net website. The tools are also included in Aplus.Net’s feature-filled Web Control Panel that comes with all Aplus.Net hosting plans and domain names.

Aplus.Net has a history of releasing consumer-friendly domain tools and services. Last year, the company introduced Domain Guard, a service which automatically emails newly registered domains, based on pre-defined “competitive” keywords. At the same time, Aplus.Net released a similar notification service called Domain Monitor, which sends email to recipients when changes are made to any domain’s nameserver, registrar, status, or expiration date. Each of these notification services costs only $4.95 per year.

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