Web Host Aplus.Net Enters Online Marketing Segment

March 22, 2005 -(HOSTSEARCH.COM)- With online sales for the 2004 holiday season hitting a record of 23.6 billion dollars, the Internet has proven to be a small business staple. But with millions of Web sites competing for online business, the biggest problem for online business owners is getting enough visitors to the site. Today, leading Web design and hosting firm Aplus.Net announced that they will help solve this critical issue by offering a service which guarantees Web site visitors.

Aplus.Net’s new eTraffic service promises Web site owners between 120 and 6000 visitors a year. More importantly, these visitors are “qualified” – meaning the traffic comes from searches (on Google, Yahoo, MSN) that are related to the site’s product, service, or business. While the benefits of increased sales are obvious, this managed marketing program also saves time for small business owners with limited time and marketing resources.

“The number one request from our customers is to help with online marketing” explains Ivan Vachovsky, Chief Executive Officer of Aplus.Net. “We listened and developed this program to help them increase traffic.”

As a turnkey program, eTraffic is an easy way for Web site owners to get traffic. Starting at $24.99 a month, Aplus.Net online marketing experts actively manage “Pay Per Click” advertising campaigns for client Web sites.

The innovative eTraffic program is another step Aplus.Net has taken toward providing a comprehensive online marketing program in the Web hosting arena. The company has previously announced the release of many online marketing products which support and increase business for existing customers. Among these products are e-commerce Connectors, which help automate the listing of store inventory on stores like eBay and Shopping.com; free pay-per-click voucher coupons from Google and Overture, which help with additional traffic; and a host of free marketing tools that are included with all Web hosting plans.

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