Web Host Aplus.net Partners with PRWeb

February 17, 2009
February 17, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web host Aplus.net has partnered with PRWeb (http://www. prweb.com/), it was reported recently. The move comes as a means for Aplus to “help customers increase online visibility and drive traffic.”

PRWeb is an online press release submission website that is recognized as a leading marketing resource. It offers a “full set of tools, tips and templates to help companies effectively market their websites”.

“Small businesses often produce news stories of interest to their customers and prospective customers, but they may lack the resources necessary to generate the publicity they deserve,” explained Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Aplus.net, Alex Yevelev. “Whether established or start-up, these organizations can tap PRWeb’s expertise and distribution channels to boost their online visibility using all the tools the Internet has to offer.”

PRWeb accounts offer four different news release plans with “increasing degrees of distribution, display features, SEO and social media functionality, and reporting capabilities”. These include Standard Visibility, Social Media Visibility, SEO Visibility, and Media Visibility. News submitted to PRWeb reappears on a number of sites including Google News, Topix and Yahoo! News. In addition, submissions are made accessible to top journalists.

Aplus.net helps small businesses “build an online customer base” by providing a “comprehensive range of services” that include shared hosting, dedicated hosting, web design, online marketing, ecommerce, and domain name registration. Established in 1997, PRWeb is utilized by more than 40,000 organizations to “leverage the Internet to communicate their news to the public”.

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