Web Host Cirrus Tech Leverages SpamExperts’ Email Security Solutions

Web Host Cirrus Tech Leverages SpamExperts’ Email Security Solutions
Web Host Cirrus Tech. Ltd. (Cirrus Tech) has announced it is now leveraging SpamExperts’ email security solutions. Cirrus Tech, which has headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is recognized as Canada’s largest web hosting provider. Established in 1999, the company offers a wide range of services including cloud hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), and dedicated servers. Alongside adopting SpamExperts’ solutions, Cirrus Tech has also joined the company’s Hosting Partner Program.

With headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands, SpamExperts offers a range of email security services to an ever expanding customer base which includes shared web hosts, ISPs and telecommunication companies. SpamExperts’ services extend to inbound and outbound email filtering and email archiving options. The company’s solutions run either within its own ‘Hosted Cloud’ or its customers' virtual hardware-based clouds. Cirrus Tech decided on SpamExperts’ when facing a “huge influx of spam”. The subsequent reduction in the amount of spam the company receives means it is now able to refocus its efforts on core competencies.

“SpamExperts has put a stop to spam coming our way and is now protecting our IPs from being blacklisted,” explained Cirrus Tech’s Marketing Assistant, Tara Kayhani. “One of the major reasons shared hosting clients switch providers is because of spam. Less spam means less churn and, ultimately, higher revenue. We have used the open-source SpamAssassin, and a variety of other email security solutions, but they just didn’t cut it like SpamExperts does. All of the solutions that we’ve tried so far lack one important thing and that is ease of deployment - which SpamExperts provides a bountiful offering. SpamExperts is a solution that is easy to get, easy to support and easy to maintain for Hosting Providers. It’s so good, we are actually planning to add SpamExperts to all of our web hosting plans as a complimentary service,” she added.

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