Web Host Cirrus Tech Updates Dedicated Hosting Offerings

August 20, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web host Cirrus Tech has updated its dedicated hosting offerings, the company announced yesterday. According to the company, the move is “in keeping with its commitment to offer the latest web hosting technologies” and includes each of the company’s dedicated server offerings, which have been given “newer processors”.

The company offers customers Intel dedicated servers with a range of CPUs, from the Celeron processor to the 2 X Quad Core Xeon processor. AMD dedicated servers are also available with Opteron processors with Dual, Quad and 2 X Dual Cores.
The company’s Intel Enterprise Server line offers 2 X Quad Core Xeon processors at 2.0 GHz and can be upgraded to the 2 X Quad Core Xeon at 2.83 GHz for “an unprecedented level of performance”.

The company is also able to provide businesses with servers that meet their “specific business requirements”. The company cites a close relationship with Dell as reason for its ability to provide this service.

Established in 1999, Cirrus Tech Ltd. bills itself as “one of Canada's largest web hosting companies” and offers a range of Internet services. The company is based in Toronto, Canada, and offers web hosting to a global customer base.

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