Web Host Doteasy Launches 100GB SSD Shared Hosting

October 10, 2013
Web Host Doteasy Launches 100GB SSD Shared Hosting
Web host Doteasy has launched new 100GB Solid State Drive (SSD) shared hosting options. SSDs are recognized as being around 30 times faster than more traditional Hard Disk Drive (HDD) storage options, and when utilized in web hosting services result in more responsive web hosting which bears the load of resource hungry database-driven applications more easily.

Established in 2000, Doteasy caters for around 500,000 websites through its data center in Vancouver, Canada. The company focuses on providing cost-effective web hosting solutions that are utilized by businesses of a range of sizes, each looking for "extra power and flexibility for their websites". Its new SSD options disrupt the traditional approach to SSDs in web hosting.

The cost of SSDs in relation to HDDs mean that they are usually only utilized in hosting options such as Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and cloud hosting. They are generally not considered for shared hosting services. Doteasy's approach is to utilize SSDs for shared hosting without increasing service costs.

Doteasy's new accounts are being offered at an introductory rate of only US$4.95 per month, down from US$11.95 per month, for the first year. The options offer 100 GB of SSD storage alongside a free domain name. They also provide cPanel, MySQL databases, and email accounts.

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